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THE PODCAST THAT MAY CHANGE YOUR LIFE - One Of The Worlds Most Successful Life Coaches Remi Pearson Chats To Paul Makin About Things That Matter In Life & How To Be The Best You

August 3, 2021

Award-winning entrepreneur and speaker Remi (Sharon) Pearson is one of the world’s most successful life coaches and the driving force behind global school The Coaching Institute. She is also a best selling author and inspires people with self-doubt and those of influence, to be the best they can be. She built TCI on her guiding values of wisdom, love, irreverence, determination and growth. Remi, who's holidaying in Port Douglas with her hubby JP, joins FAB FM's Paul Makin in the studio for a chin wag and the two found out they are similar and different at the same time. It's a fun podcast and bound to make you think about your own journey in life. https://www.remipearson.com





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