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Bennett Walker An Elder Of The Kubirri Warra Clan Has His Say About The Last Council, The Mossman Gorge Centre, That Council Block Of Land In The Daintree And He Doesn’t Pull Any Punches 27Mar2020

March 27, 2020

Bennett Walker is an Elder belonging to the Kubirri Warra Clan and is always engaged in sharing cultural knowledge, Now on the eve of the Local Government Election, he passes on his knowledge about the last Council and gives them a score out of ten. He also expresses his disappointment over the block of land in the Daintree purchased by Council and the lack of consultation. But the biggest 'Haymaker' he delivers is about the Mossman Gorge Centre and how the Kubirri Warra Clan have been cut out of the main operation despite the fact it's their traditional land. Bennett says even the tours are carried out by imports. Interview by FAB FM Journalist Paul Makin