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POWER TO THE PEOPLE -What’s Happening With The Hydrogen Power Grid Proposed For The Daintree - Todays Meeting At Diwan Answered Many Questions

July 5, 2020

Power in the Daintree has been a controversial issue but many falsehoods have emerged from social media platforms of those wanting it stopped. Even groups who are supposedly GREEN have stymied attempts to bring the 'Clean & Green' technology to the Rainforest to do away with polluting generators. Today the man who's job is it to bring all the players together, Volt Advisory Group project manager Richard Schoenemann, gave locals a run down on the latest developments.  Chaired by Daintree Renewable Energy president Russell O'Doherty, Federal MP Warren Entsch also took a swing at detractors saying this project WILL go ahead. The meeting was attended also by the Mayor Michael Kerr and most of the Douglas Shire Councillors.



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