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Threats Of Legal Action Against FABFM For Taking A Stand Over The Emails That Fell Off The Back Of A Truck

March 25, 2020

Following FAB FM Journalist Paul Makin's investigation into the emails that came into his position that showed four people had an imput into a letter to the Editor of The Gazette, but was eventually only signed by one, he received an email from Mayoral Candidate Julia Leu threatening to take legal action unless the podcast was taken down. Paul and FAB FM believe this is a story of public interest and an example of freedom of the press. This is Paul's response to the letter and the stand he's taking in regard to this. In the emails in question, would be Councilor Bruce Clarke is named in the 'Letter To The Editor'. Thrown in there as a wedge to destabilize Mayoral Candidate Michael Kerr's campaign. Paul chats to Bruce and gets his reaction.